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HeliControl Kft. provides a personalized professional service to ensure that your aircraft is restored to your satisfaction. Thanks to the exceptional skills of our team we bring new life to your helicopter. HeliControl has the expertise to provide you with all your helicopter refurbishment needs including: interior retrim and refurbishment, exterior repair and respray and avionics/radio change and up-grade.


HeliControl specializes in all types of helicopter refinishing and painting. While one overall base color may still be the standard for some aircrafts, it is not uncommon for some owners to add schemes of their own taste. We work one on one with our customers to fulfill their most unique needs or we can offer standard schemes. Our clients are provided with a computerized draft in order to make their decision easier. (We can illustrate not only the exterior but the interior of the helicopter as well)

HeliControl offers full painting or partial painting, and can apply sanding, sand blasting or stripping procedures to get clean surfaces. We also repair cracked composite parts, and have the expertise to achieve the required finish.


HeliControl is committed to make the passengers travel experience more pleasurable and productive. Our clients can choose from an extensive selection of materials - leather, faux leather, reinforced rayon, seat foams etc. - at our premises. The seat cushions are precisely cut by a computerized machine. We use components that meet the following FAR requirements:

FAR 25.853 fire test to aircraft material – Standard
Far 25.853: Fire Protection for compartment interior

FAR 25.853 fire test to aircraft material – Vertical Test

FAR 25.853 vertical test - Brief
The test apparatus are almost same to UL94V and test the performance of self-extinguish of material under fire condition.

FAR 25.853 vertical test – Test method
The sample is 76mm in width and is placed vertically, the ignition resource is same to horizontal test. The burner apply 60s or 120s

The following results are recorded
‐ Burning length
‐ Flame time
‐ Dropping time

Far 25.853 Fire test to aircraft material – Test method
Vertical flammability test: 14 FAR 25.853 b(4)), (App. F to part 25 part I § (a)
Smoke Density Test: 14 FAR 25.853 (d), (App. F to part 25, part V)
Heat Release Test: 14 FAR 25.853 (d), Appendix F, Part IV
Seat Test: 14 FAR 25.853 (c, App.F to part II)
Horizontal Test: 14 FAR 25.853 b(2,3), (App. F to part 25 part I § (a),(1)
45° flammability test: 14 FAR 25.853 (b), (App. F to part 25, part I § (6))