HeliControl provides its staff to take part on type-ratings, organized by the manufacturers. By approved training programs and regular in house training we keep our staff up to date with the latest product developments in service experience items and regulatory changes. In addition to maintaining and developing the staff’s training and experience level, HeliControl Kft. believes it is important that we ensure that the work is performed at the highest level through continuous inside audits that are in accordance with the EASA regulations, as HeliControl has EASA Part 145 approval. With a well equipped, clean and safe workplace we create a working environment that enables our staff to meet our quality and service level goals.

We believe that professionalism and experience are the cornerstones of high-quality service and we strive to meet these standards every day to ensure customer satisfaction.

Your Opinion

A company can develop by constant self-assessment but it is even more important that we value your feedbacks that might identify our strengths and weaknesses. Tell us your opinion at quality@helicontrol.hu