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HeliControl Kft. offers high quality helicopter parts and components warehoused and distributed in our facilities. We provide instant availability to our inventory via our prompt customer service system and we are also in direct contact with manufacturers therefore we can ensure a reliable part support system.

Replacement Parts;

Our comprehensive inventory includes thousands of replacement spares for Eurocopter (EC120, AS350/355), Turbomeca (Arrius, Arriel), Allison (C20F) and other various types. The selection may contain factory new and serviceable used parts and we can also coordinate your standard exchange, repair and overhaul requirements.

Airframe Components;

We offer you excellent products for airframe components, such as clear and tinted windows, doors, and various compartment and structural parts to make your flight experience better. All of these materials meet aviation standards and regulations and come with the necessary STC’s and Form 1’s / 8130’s.

Accessory Equipment;

When it comes to choosing the right instruments and avionics for your aircraft it is important to ask the opinion of a professional. We are able to provide you our knowledge and we can support you with the wisely chosen accessory equipment.

Special Equipment;

For your special missions we are able to support you with optional equipment such as floats, cargo hooks and special camera mounts.

Refurbishment Materials;

Unique design is indispensable for aircrafts but we can make it happen for you. At HeliControl you have the possibility to browse through our inventory of refurbishment materials. Among others we use certified and FAR tested excellent quality leather, faux leather, reinforced rayon and aviation foams.

Contact our colleagues at: RFQ@helicontrol.hu