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Other services

Pre-purchase inspection

In order to protect you from future inconveniences and unwanted costs we are able to inspect the selected aircraft before you would purchase it.

Our engineers have the expertise necessary to perform an in depth inspection of the aircraft including its documentation and engine power check. Before making your offer our engineer provides you with a complete report of the condition of the aircraft which identifies any defects. We also provide you with a calculation for the possible repairs.

Helicopter Transportation

We handle all domestic and international transportation to anywhere in the world by air, sea and land.
We take care of professional loading of the helicopter into a shipment container and unloading it according to manufacturers specifications and we have the necessary special tools for several helicopter types. Thanks to incident free previous transportations we can offer reasonable prices through our transportation partners. We have handled multiple helicopter transportations on sea from Hong Kong and the United States, on land from Spain, Italy, Switzerland.

Aircraft Recovery

At your request, we can send our technicians to the place where your helicopter is grounded. The team will recover the aircraft either by performing a final repair on site, or by enabling the aircraft to be transported to your own base or to HeliControl’s premises for final repair.